DavidAccampo_BW_600David Accampo

David Accampo is a writer, designer, and media producer living in Portland, Oregon. He is the co-creator of the critically acclaimed audio drama, Wormwood: A Serialized Mystery, and the co-author of the comic book series Sparrow & Crowe: The Demoniac of Los Angeles (Hermes Press, 2012), which was called “Dark and freshly twisted” by Scott Snyder (American Vampire).  David’s short fiction has appeared in literary journals, digital anthologies, e-zines, and websites. He currently writes for the comics website,, and he co-hosts the Fuzzy Typewriter podcast with Paul Montgomery.





Chris Anderson

Chris Anderson is a comic book, storyboard and concept artist as well as musician living in Los Angeles, CA. His comic work can be seen in the one-shots Sparrow & Crowe: Halloween Special from Hermes Press and Terror Shock from Pulp Culture Press. He has also enjoyed success illustrating for film, commercials and television as well as several magazine publications. His bands C. Duck & Nate, the Spectacles and thewaybackyard can be heard on iTunes and other digital music providers.  He can be found on Twitter at @cduck77 or on his website: