Nine years ago, a giant silver space city crash landed on Earth, forever changing the Los Angeles skyline. The aliens that emerged looked like angels, winged beings straight from human myth and religion. Now the Silver City has become an immigrant ghetto, and Angels and humans live side-by-side in a tenuous balance.

Alejandra “Alex” Martinez is a teenage human girl who lives in the Angels’ silver towers and attends an integrated high school called “Paradise High.” Alex is a perpetual loner, at home with neither the Angels nor the humans, but it is this unique experience that allows her to traverse the rising tensions between the two worlds. When a human teenager dies while high on an Angel drug called Ambrosia, the already tense relations between Angels and humans erupt into chaos. It is only Alex, the flightless girl who walks the spires, who can solve the mystery of the Angel drug trade and the buried secret that reaches from the peak of the Spiral Court to the deep recesses of Old Santa Monica.

Lost Angels is an immigrant tale, a mystery spun from the alien towers of a sci-fi culture clash, and the coming-of-age of a girl caught between two very different worlds.  It’s an on-going comic series written by David Accampo and illustrated by Chris Anderson, published by Comicker Digital.

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